What are Google Review Cards and why are they important for your business?

What exactly are Google Review NFC Cards?

As a business owner, you will always be seeking new and innovative ways to market your company as productively and cost-effectively as possible. We understand; we’ve been there. Our company focuses on you. We created Google review cards because our success is dependent on yours, specifically through encouraging customers to leave 5-star reviews. 

As part of our effort to make your life easier by using the fantastic technology available today, we discovered a way to help you market your business more efficiently than ever before. Here’s what you need to know. 

What purpose do Google Review Cards serve?

Let’s start with the basics of how to get more 5 star reviews on your Google My Business.  As the owner of a physical business, you are surely already aware that word of mouth is the most effective strategy to keep your company running and growing. People share their experiences with your services, and there is no better testimonial for your company than someone stating to a buddy, “I went there and everything was amazing”. 

Google took things to another level. Everything changed when Google Maps launched company profiles. Every Google user can share information about their experiences with everyone who visits your Google Business profile.

So, how can you encourage individuals to evaluate your services and share their great experiences with thousands of other potential customers? Some do it because they enjoy doing it. Google encourages people to give their opinions and rate companies they visit on Google Maps. However, others are much less likely to make this effort. That’s where our concept comes in.

What is the advantage of having a Google Review Business Card?

A business card designed to encourage customers to rate your services on Google Maps is exactly what you need if you believe you could benefit from a stronger and more beneficial internet reputation.

A Google review card is a business card that has a unique QR code and an NFC chip which functions as follows:

  • Customers get the card from the staff.
  • They’ll be requested to scan the QR code or use the NFC tap option on their own mobile devices.
  • This takes customers to your company’s Google Maps profile, where customers can review your services and share their experiences.

Of course, this is the most straightforward way to explain the procedure. There is a lot more to talk about in terms of how this may be done and how it will help you grow as a business owner. 

Furthermore, Review Cards UK’s Google Review Cards provide the extra benefit of allowing you to effectively filter out bad reviews. 

How can you encourage customers to use your Google Review Card?

It may appear to be a very awkward process, right? But it doesn’t have to be.  Getting customers to review your services and provide honest feedback on how well your company meets their specific needs can be an easy and enjoyable procedure.

There are lots of ways to motivate customers to assess your service on Google Maps, but Google review cards are by far the best option for you.

Here’s how you can encourage more of your satisfied customers to use them and leave positive reviews.

Explain how important this is for your business

Clearly define the advantages of leaving a review on your business’s Google review page. Make it clear to your customers that their feedback benefits not only you and your company’s visibility but also the community. 

Asked in Person

Instead of putting your Google review card on the table or at the bar, teach your staff how to politely hand them out and ask for a review. Personal relationships are very effective ways to get things done.

Interact with online reviewers

People are more willing to express opinions if they believe their voices will be properly heard. The fact that many of the previously submitted Google reviews have been answered and addressed in some way by the owners will make customers more eager to share their experiences and rate the quality of your services, regardless of what those may be.

Be Consistent

Make it a habit for your staff to fully utilise Google review cards. It’s a numerical game. The more people who are asked to use these cards, the more likely you are to get the recognition your business requires to succeed. 

Reward staff who get more and higher-quality reviews

Reward staff who receive favourable feedback by acknowledging their contributions to the business. This will inspire your staff to be more persuasive and provide greater service.

Why are Google Review Cards Essential?

The significance of Google review cards will become clear after we understand how important online reviews on Google Maps can be for your business.

To begin, you should understand some of today’s customer behaviour, especially how it relates to the importance of 5 star reviews on your business name. One of the most important concepts you should learn, grasp, and adapt to is that online search is one of the most powerful tools your customers may use.  Many purchasing decisions are based simply on impulses or decisions derived from web searches.

That means that if you run a physical business with a solid internet presence and a high reputation, you can expect new customers to choose your services every day simply because you show as a top choice in searches. The more reviews you have and the higher your overall score, the more likely customers will choose you over your competitors.

These two claims have two immediate implications for your business:

  • Regardless of how good your services are, you are bound to get some negative feedback.
  • Even the happiest and most delighted customers can sometimes find it too confusing or tough to simply review a business.

All of this affects your reputation. If you can’t get satisfied customers to share their experiences and have to cope with unfair negative feedback, your business will suffer greatly.

That is why Google review cards are so useful: they are simple to use, convenient for customers, and an excellent way to encourage people to review your services. 

What are the major advantages of Google review cards for your business?

Let’s take a look at some of the most essential reasons why you should buy Google review cards and include them in your marketing strategy.

  • Your business will gain advantages from boosted trust and credibility – As previously said, customers make informed decisions, which are frequently influenced by online reviews on the Google review page. Positive customer reviews serve as social proof of your company’s importance to the community and the quality of its services. 
  • Increased Visibility – When ranking different businesses, search engines often use both the amount and quality of online reviews. Better search rankings are a proven approach to increase visibility with minimum Local SEO expenses.
  • Personal interaction with customers – We live in an extraordinary period in human history, and social relationships appear to be at an all-time low. We communicate more digitally than we do face-to-face. When one of your staff approaches a customer directly and requests a review, the interaction can have a significant impact on the customer’s overall experience. 
  • Manage online reputation – By using review cards, you get control of your internet reputation by proactively encouraging customers to review your services positively. This can be an effective technique for balancing negative feedback and demonstrating the complete range of customer experiences.
  • Boost Customer Insights – While managing your online reputation and slightly modifying it to your advantage is acceptable, you can leverage on the increased amount of reviews you will receive as a result of Google review cards by simply gathering additional information from customers. What customers like and dislike, as well as how they believe your services may be improved, are all intriguing and powerful pieces of information to have. If you take action, you will be on a continuous improvement path. And this is how businesses grow.
  • Differentiate from others – by accumulating a notable number of positive reviews on your Google My Business listing. You should also be aware that only a few physical companies currently offer these Google review cards to customers. That means you’ll stand out in a good way. Customers will enjoy the manner you encourage them to give suggestions and the fact that you are actively giving them a platform. This shows your commitment to enhancing your services. 
  • Decisions based on data – Having access to more customer feedback can influence your business decisions. Should you get a better coffee machine? Do your customers value the quality of the products provided by one of your providers? Customer reviews provide you with highly valuable insights.
  • More Effective Affordable SEO – Google reviews help your local SEO efforts by delivering fresh, relevant user-generated material. Review cards can generate more reviews and increase your online visibility.

Why should you choose Google Review Cards from Review Cards UK?

It’s clear whether you should use Google Review Cards or not. What’s less clear is how to choose the cards and make the most of the choices available. 

One thing to remember is that even if you simply generate your own QR code for Google reviews online and print it on a piece of paper, you are still making the right choice for your business. However, you are missing out on a few essential perks that only we can offer. 

  • You will receive high-quality, durable cards that your staff may use thousands of times without showing indications of wear and tear.
  • The cards are not personalised with your logo, so they appear more professional and link to Google rather than your own brand.
  • We will take care of your QR code.
  • Your cards will include an NFC chip, allowing customers to just tap their phones to go to your dedicated page.

Our QR codes and NFC actions direct customers to a personalised page where we categorise them based on their experience, as follows:

  • People who choose the most satisfied emoticon are linked to your Google Business page and can review your services directly on Google Maps.
  • People who choose a moderately pleased or even dissatisfied emoticon will be directed to a separate page where they may provide you with private feedback.

Needless to say, this fantastic method for filtering out negative reviews can have a significant impact on your company and its reputation. 


Google review cards can significantly improve your Google Business profile.  It is entirely up to you whether or not to use them, but you now have a better understanding of what they are, as well as their potential.

If you’re wondering about costs for your business, visit our product page and learn for yourself how our review cards can help you transform it for a surprisingly low cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I modify the design of my Google review cards?

ANS: No. The design of every Google review card we sell is identical. We believe that limiting the amount of personalisation makes the cards appear more professional and closer to the Google brand rather than your own. This, in our opinion, increases the openness with which your customers approach the reviews.

2. Do Google reviews have any importance?

ANS: Google reviews are really important. They are a low-cost yet very successful marketing technique that will increase your brand’s visibility, credibility, and local SEO at a low expense.

3. Are Google Review Cards suitable for all kinds of businesses?

ANS: Basically, yes. Most physical businesses with a physical location that customers must visit will benefit greatly from having Google review cards.

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