How do I make a Google review card

Have you ever wondered how businesses showcase their Google reviews in a creative and engaging way?
Enter the Google Review Card – a powerful tool that can boost your online reputation and attract more customers.
In this article, we will explore what Google Review Cards are, why they are important, how to create one step by step, what information to include, how to use them effectively, and tips for maximising their impact.
Let’s dive in and elevate your digital marketing strategy with Google Review Cards!


What is a Google Review Card?

A Google Review Card is a digital card that allows customers to easily leave reviews for a business by tapping or scanning a unique NFC or QR code linked to the business’s Google review page.

By utilising this innovative technology, customers can provide feedback conveniently and efficiently without the hassle of searching for the right review page.

The integration of NFC or QR code technology in these cards simplifies the review process, as users can directly access the review platform with a simple touch or scan.

Companies like us / Google are leading providers of digital review cards, offering businesses a seamless way to collect feedback and enhance their online reputation.

Why are Google Review Cards Important?

Google Review Cards are crucial for businesses as they enhance their online presence and digital profile by providing a convenient way for customers to leave reviews using NFC technology.

With the rising significance of online reviews and ratings in influencing consumer decisions, having an optimised review system like Google Review Cards can greatly impact a business’s reputation and credibility. By leveraging the power of NFC technology, these cards make it easier for customers to provide feedback instantly, leading to improved customer engagement and higher visibility on search engine results pages. This proactive approach not only boosts a company’s online visibility but also helps in building trust with potential customers by showcasing authentic and real-time feedback.

How to Create a Google Review Card?

Creating a Google Review Card involves logging into Google My Business, selecting the business location, accessing the ‘Reviews‘ section, sharing the review form, and customising the card with Google API integration.

Once you’ve successfully logged in and navigated to your business location, head to the ‘Reviews’ section to view and manage customer feedback. From there, you can easily share the review form with your satisfied patrons for their valuable input.

The next crucial step is incorporating the Google API, which allows you to tailor the card design to align with your brand’s aesthetic and messaging. Utilise the API tools to personalise the card’s layout, colours, and overall appearance, ensuring it resonates with your target audience.

Step 1: Log into Google My Business

To start creating a Google Review Card, the first step is to log into your Google My Business account and navigate to your business profile.

  1. Once you have successfully logged in, you can access your business profile by clicking on the ‘Info’ tab located on the left-hand side of the dashboard. This will direct you to a window where you can manage various aspects of your business information such as address, hours of operation, and website.

Within the business profile settings, you’ll find the option to adjust your review settings. Here, you can choose preferences for receiving notifications about new reviews, respond to customer feedback, and monitor your overall online reputation.

Step 2: Select Your Business Location

After logging in, choose the specific business location for which you want to create the Google Review Card and link it to the Tap Tag for NFC technology integration.

When selecting the business location within Google My Business, ensure that the address is accurately pinpointed for NFC technology to function efficiently. This step is crucial in providing customers with a seamless experience when interacting with the Tap Tag. By linking the location to the NFC-enabled Tap Tag, you enable users to easily access and share reviews, essential information, and promotions. It enhances the overall user experience and boosts engagement with your business. Emphasising the accuracy of the business location on the platform is fundamental for the successful integration of NFC technology, optimising location-based services for maximum benefits.

Step 3: Go to the ‘Reviews’ Section

Navigate to the ‘Reviews’ section within Google My Business to access customer reviews and manage the review link that will be associated with the Google Review Card.

Once you are in the ‘Reviews’ section of Google My Business, you’ll be able to view all the feedback left by your customers. It’s crucial to regularly check these reviews as they provide valuable insights into how your business is perceived by your clients. By clicking on the review link within the Google Review Card, you can easily share it with your customers, encouraging them to leave feedback as well.

Managing customer reviews effectively can enhance your online reputation and credibility. Responding promptly and professionally to both positive and negative reviews shows that you value customer feedback and are committed to providing excellent service.

Step 4: Click on ‘Share Review Form’

Click on ‘Share Review Form’ to generate a review URL linked to your Google business profile that customers can access to leave their feedback, which will be embedded in the Google Review Card.

Once you have clicked on ‘Share Review Form’, a unique review URL will be created specifically for your Google business profile. This review URL acts as a direct gateway for your customers to provide their valuable feedback seamlessly. When accessed, customers can easily navigate to the review page where they can rate and write reviews about their experience with your business. This feedback will then automatically populate on your Google Review Card, enhancing your online reputation and visibility.

Step 5: Customise your Review Card

Customise your Google Review Card by integrating elements like a QR code, ensuring it reflects your brand identity and provides a seamless experience for customers to access the review submission page.

Google Review Cards offer a range of options for customisation to tailor them to your brand’s unique aesthetic. By incorporating a QR code, you not only streamline the review process but also enhance customer service through quick and efficient feedback gathering. The QR code integration can significantly improve customer engagement and satisfaction by simplifying the review submission experience. This innovative feature not only showcases your commitment to customer feedback but also reinforces your brand identity, making it easier for customers to connect with your business.

What Information Should Be Included on a Google Review Card?

A Google Review Card should encompass essential details like the business name and logo, a compelling call to action, a user-friendly review rating system, a direct review submission link, and relevant business contact information.

Another crucial element on a Google Review Card is a brief description or summary of the business, highlighting its key features or unique selling points, to provide potential reviewers with more context and inspiration when leaving feedback.

Including visual elements such as high-quality images showcasing products or services can enhance the overall appeal of the card and create a more engaging experience for users.

Incorporating social proof through snippets of positive reviews or customer testimonials can instil trust and credibility, further encouraging feedback and interaction.

Business Name and Logo

The Google Review Card should prominently feature the business name and logo to ensure brand recognition and establish a visual connection with customers accessing the card.

When the business name and logo are prominently displayed on the Google Review Card, they act as instant visual identifiers that help customers in associating the feedback with the brand. This not only reinforces brand recognition but also builds trust and credibility among potential customers who come across the review. Including these elements on the card enhances the overall appeal and professionalism of the business profile on Google, making it more engaging and memorable to those browsing reviews. Consistent branding across all platforms, including review cards, is crucial for creating a cohesive brand identity and fostering customer loyalty.

Call to Action

Craft a compelling call to action on the Google Review Card, encouraging customers to share their feedback and experiences with the business, driving engagement and review submissions.

An effective call to action not only motivates customers to leave reviews but also guides them on how to do so. By incorporating a strong CTA, such as ‘Share Your Experience Now‘ or ‘Tell Us What You Think,’ you are prompting direct engagement and increasing the likelihood of customers providing valuable feedback. This proactive approach helps businesses gather authentic reviews, which in turn, builds credibility and trust among potential customers. A well-crafted CTA can guide customers towards specific actions, such as rating the service, leaving a detailed review, or sharing their positive experiences on social media platforms.

Review Rating System

Include a user-friendly review rating system on the Google Review Card to allow customers to express their satisfaction levels easily, facilitating the collection of positive reviews and valuable customer feedback.

A well-designed review rating system embedded in a Google Review Card serves as a crucial tool for businesses seeking to gauge customer satisfaction levels accurately. By providing a quick and efficient way for customers to rate their experiences, it streamlines the feedback process and encourages users to share their opinions promptly. This system not only aids in capturing positive reviews but also helps in identifying areas that may require improvement, enabling businesses to fine-tune their services to meet customer expectations effectively.

Review Submission Link

Include a direct review submission link on the Google Review Card, guiding customers to the designated review page and simplifying the process of leaving feedback for the business.

Having a direct review submission link on the Google Review Card is crucial as it provides a seamless pathway for customers to share their experiences. By offering a quick and easy way to access the designated review page, businesses can significantly boost their chances of receiving feedback. This strategy not only simplifies the process for customers but also encourages them to engage more actively in leaving reviews, ultimately enhancing the online reputation of the business.

Review URLs play a pivotal role in this process, ensuring that customers can easily navigate to the review platform and share their thoughts.

Business Contact Information

Include relevant business contact information on the Google Review Card to ensure customers can easily reach out for enquiries or assistance, enhancing the overall customer service experience.

By providing a direct line of communication through phone numbers, email addresses, or even social media handles, businesses portray transparency and availability. This integration of contact details not only supports customers in getting immediate resolutions to their concerns but also fosters a sense of trust and reliability.

Quick access to support channels on Google Review Cards can turn disgruntled customers into satisfied ones by addressing their issues promptly. It also showcases a business’s commitment to customer care, laying the foundation for long-term relationships and loyalty.

How to Use a Google Review Card?

Utilise a Google Review Card effectively by sharing it on social media platforms, incorporating it into your email signature, and displaying it in your physical shop or office to enhance your online presence and encourage customer feedback.

Regarding maximising the potential of a Google Review Card, remember that consistency is key. Ensure that your card design aligns with your brand’s visual identity to maintain a professional appearance across all channels. By strategically placing the review card on your social media profiles and email signatures, you increase the chances of customers leaving feedback and reviews. Featuring the card prominently in your physical location serves as a physical reminder for visitors to engage with your business online, ultimately improving your digital visibility.

Share on Social Media

Share the Google Review Card on your social media accounts to reach a wider audience and encourage customers to leave reviews, leveraging the power of social proof to enhance your business credibility.

By sharing these review cards, you are tapping into the potential of word-of-mouth marketing, where satisfied customers become your brand advocates endorsing your products or services. Through the shared reviews, you are not only showcasing positive experiences but also building trust among potential customers who rely heavily on peer recommendations. Sharing the Google Review Card on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can increase your brand’s visibility, attract new customers, and ultimately boost your overall online reputation.

Include in Email Signature

Incorporate the Google Review Card link in your email signature to encourage recipients to leave feedback, fostering a culture of feedback and enhancing customer interaction through personalised communication.

By including the Google Review Card link in your email signature, not only can you make it easier for customers to review your products or services, but you also demonstrate a commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. This simple addition can result in a significant increase in the volume and quality of feedback received, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and areas for improvement.

Integrating the Review Card link in your email signature can help streamline the feedback collection process, minimising barriers for customers to share their opinions. This effortless accessibility can lead to higher engagement rates and greater customer satisfaction, as individuals feel acknowledged and valued when their feedback is actively sought.

Print and Display in Store/Office

Print and prominently display the physical Google Review Card in your shop or office to encourage in-person feedback and showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Having a physical Google Review Card visibly placed in your establishment not only adds a touch of credibility but also lets your customers know that their opinions and reviews are valued. The card serves as a tangible representation of your dedication to providing top-notch service. It creates a sense of transparency and trust, showing that you are open to feedback and actively seeking to improve based on customer experiences. This personal touch can enhance the overall customer experience, fostering a positive relationship and increasing loyalty.

Tips for Maximising the Effectiveness of a Google Review Card

To optimise the impact of your Google Review Card, actively encourage customers to leave reviews, promptly respond to feedback, and utilise positive reviews in your marketing efforts to enhance your online reputation and attract new customers.

One effective strategy is to provide incentives for customers to write reviews, such as discounts or exclusive offers for those who leave feedback. Incorporating customer testimonials from Google reviews into your website can build credibility and showcase positive experiences to potential customers.

By monitoring and analysing the feedback received on your Google Review Card, you can identify areas for improvement and address any customer concerns promptly. Engaging with both positive and negative reviews shows that you value customer opinions and are dedicated to providing excellent service.

Integrating your Google reviews into your social media channels and email marketing campaigns can amplify your brand’s reputation and reach a wider audience. Building a strong online presence through customer reviews can establish trust and encourage new customers to engage with your business.

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

Actively engage with customers to prompt them to leave reviews through the Google Review Card, creating a culture of feedback that fosters customer satisfaction and enhances your online reputation.

By proactively encouraging customers to share their experiences through Google Review Card, businesses not only gain valuable insights into their products or services but also demonstrate transparency and reliability to potential customers seeking authentic feedback.

Positive reviews not only build trust but also boost search engine rankings, making it crucial to establish a continuous feedback loop and address any negative feedback promptly to show a commitment to improving customer experiences.

Respond to Reviews

Promptly respond to customer reviews received through the Google Review Card, acknowledging feedback, addressing concerns, and showcasing your commitment to customer service excellence, fostering trust and loyalty.

Engaging with reviews not only demonstrates your responsiveness but also allows you to turn negative experiences into positive outcomes, showing potential customers that you value their opinions. By actively managing feedback, you create a dialogue with your clients, showing that you are attentive to their needs and willing to enhance their experience. This open communication helps in improving your services, refining your offerings based on real customer insights, and ultimately boosting your reputation online.

Use Positive Reviews in Marketing Material

Integrate positive reviews collected through the Google Review Card into your marketing materials, website, and promotional content to showcase customer satisfaction and build credibility, attracting new customers and enhancing your online presence.

By incorporating these glowing testimonials into your marketing campaigns, you can effectively leverage social proof to establish trust and authenticity with potential customers. Highlighting positive feedback not only demonstrates the value of your products or services but also differentiates your brand from competitors, positioning you as a reliable choice in the market.

Leveraging the power of positive reviews can significantly impact your brand’s reputation management strategies, helping you shape a positive online image and influence consumer perception. By featuring customer testimonials prominently on your website and in advertising materials, you can boost customer acquisition rates and drive conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a Google review card?

To make a Google review card, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Maps and search for the business you want to review.
  2. Scroll down to the “Reviews” section and click on “Write a review”.
  3. Rate the business by selecting 1-5 stars and write your review in the text box.
  4. Beneath the text box, click on the “Share” button.
  5. A pop-up window will appear with the option to share the review on social media or copy the link to the review.
  6. Choose the option to copy the link, and the review card will be copied to your clipboard.

Can I make a Google review card for any business?

Yes, you can make a Google review card for any business that is listed on Google Maps and has reviews enabled. Simply follow the steps outlined in the previous question to make a review card for any business you have visited.

How do I share a Google review card on social media?

To share a Google review card on social media, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Maps and search for the business you want to review.
  2. Scroll down to the “Reviews” section and click on “Write a review”.
  3. Rate the business by selecting 1-5 stars and write your review in the text box.
  4. Beneath the text box, click on the “Share” button.
  5. A pop-up window will appear with the option to share the review on social media or copy the link to the review.
  6. Choose the social media platform you wish to share the review card on and follow the prompts to post it.

Can I customise my Google review card?

No, Google review cards are automatically generated and cannot be customised. However, you can choose to share the review card on different social media platforms or copy the link and share it in a text message or email.

Why should I make a Google review card?

Making a Google review card is a great way to share your positive experiences with a business and help them gain more visibility and credibility. It also makes it easier for others to find the business and read your review.

Can I make a Google review card on my mobile device?

Yes, you can make a Google review card on your mobile device by following the same steps as outlined above. Simply open Google Maps on your mobile device, search for the business you want to review, and follow the prompts to make a review card.

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